Designing the bear

Special thanks goes to Shawn Smith, the creative genius behind Shawnimals, who helped us with the plush design and Dr. Meghan Marsac, whose research at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia forms the underpinning of the coping kits that are included with each donated Thready teddy bear.

How it works

We partner with International Medical Corps (IMC) to ensure that the Threadies stuffed animals get to children with the greatest need. IMC will begin by deploying Threadies in Jordan's Azraq Refugee Camp, one of the world’s largest. IMC hosted our pilot trip to Jordan in August 2015.

How it's made

We proudly manufacture Threadies in close partnership with Child’s Cup Full (CCF), a non-profit that trains and employs refugee women in the West Bank. Each Thready is hand-sewn by a team of women, who receive a living wage and valuable job training in return. With any excess profit, CCF supports the creation of grassroots childhood development programs across the region.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Group7even for designing the logo and advising us in all things marketing, and Old North Media for creating our Kickstarter video. We’re also extremely grateful to Emily Feenstra, Steff Bomb, Stephanie Unson, Valeriano Lima, Mitchell Barthelemy, Brian Donlin, Rene Mazurka, and Anoud Attiyeh, who have each contributed their considerable time and talents toward making this project a success. You guys rock!