Pink Thready Bear
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Birthday: September 5th

I come from the other side of the world with one goal: To comfort kids that need a hug! I love exploring new places and learning new things. My favorite thing to do is use my imagination to fly to other places and make up fun & exciting stories.

Favorite Quote: "Hugs help heal"

Where I want to visit: "I want to explore Africa."


  • Handmade one at a time, by Fair Trade artisans.
  • Designed with kids in mind, made for durability and comfort
  • Premium stitching and unique patchwork details
  • Secret pocket pouch for imaginative play
  • Stuffed with hypoallergenic polyfill to be super cuddly
  • Safe + non-toxic: made with all new materials
  • Unique patch behind left ear that matches your bear's twin
  • Sustainably made in the West Bank by refugee women


When you purchase a Thready teddy bear, its twin goes to a child refugee, along with tools vital to help them cope with trauma.


Threadies are hand-sewn by a team of women in the West Bank who receive a living wage and valuable job training.


Threadies teach children the value of sharing love, connecting them with another child across the world.